Systems and Product include:

  • Total Flooding System

  • Hand portable and wheeled fire extinguishers

  • Pre-engineered restaurant/kitchen, vehicle and industrial systems

  • Complete line of dry chemical, foam and gaseous clean agents

  • Fire pumps, hoses and other equipment

  • Fire fighting vehicles (fire trucks and fire jeeps)

  • Fire alarm systems

  • Fire suppression systems (sprinkler etc.)

At PT. Maste Dayaa we understand the importance of protecting one's business from fire hazards. Fires in the workplace result to costly damages, injuries, loss of customer trust and loss of productivity.


Prevention and preparation are key to managing fire risks. PT. Maste Dayaa's team is prepared to protect your facility - large or small. Our team of knowledgeable sales managers, engineers and technicians will ensure you are receiving the correct products and systems to protect your business best.


From product and system consultation, procurement, installation, testing & commissioning and maintenance our team has significant experience providing fire protection services and products to facilities across the risk spectrum including:

- Oil and gas (e.g. refineries)

- Petrochemical plants

- Power Plants

- Mining facilities

- Food & Beverage Manufacturing

- Hospitality (hotels & restaurants - kitchen systems)

- Data centers

- Embassies

- Museums

- General industry


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